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Here's what people are saying about Mike, the column, the book, and the dog.

Mostly the dog.

Loren Estleman
"Mike Ball's columns are sly, subversive stuff. "Stupid Winter Hats" may be my favorite. My philosophy has always been that freezing is preferable to one of those knitted things best left to the people who stick up convenience stores."

Loren D. Estleman, Author of Nicotine Kiss, the Adventures of Johnny Vermillion, and at least 45 other great novels.


Jennifer Lehr
"I always look forward to reading the latest installment of What I've Learned So Far because Mike Ball's observations of the details in life are sharp, funny and totally relateable. Keep 'em coming Mike!"

Jennifer Lehr, author of Ill Equipped For A Life Of Sex


DC  Stanfa

"If Milton Berle and Erma Bombeck had a kid together, it would have been Mike Ball. Of course, he looks just as good in a dress as either of them did!"

DC Stanfa, Author of The Art Of Table Dancing: Escapades Of An Irreverent Woman


Scott Lorenz

"This is some of the funniest stuff I've ever read. This guy is the new Mark Twain."

Scott Lorenz, President, Westwind Communications



"You made me laugh. Thanks for that."

Deborah Goekend, Managing Editor, The Rocky Mountain News

"Your columns are absolutely hilarious. I enjoyed them all."

Bob Jackson, Assistant News Editor, Livingston County Daily Press & Argus


"They're Funny."

Tom O'Hara, Managing Editor, Cleveland Plain Dealer


"I've heard Mike compared to Mark Twain. Well, yes, but I have to add Bujold, Tamera Pierce, Mitch Album, and Matthew, Mark, Luke & John in that comparison. There has not ever been a piece that Mike has written that has not made me laugh, cry, nod my head in agreement or make it into a special place in my heart to keep and nibble on throughout the day or recall in a "bad" or "good" time. I believe Mike could write about anything."

Sharon Williams, Reader


"There are only two people my husband laughs out loud at – Jon Stuart and Mike Ball. We really love your column!"

Jeanine Diller, Reader


"Awesome column, very funny stuff!"

Erik Kreps, Reader


"I love reading your columns. Your droll commentary on the absurdity of daily life always makes me laugh!"

Julie Leonard, Reader


"I love your column. You make me laugh then you touch my heart and make me cry – I can't decide which I like better!"

Debra Haugen, Reader


"Brilliant! I adore your column!"

Leslie Rollins, Reader


"Mike's column appeals to readers of any generation. I find myself laughing and then hitting the forward button so my parents can enjoy it, too. His humor is from the gut"

Jamie Griffith, Reader