Banjos, Boats & Butt Dialing on TV

Fox 2 Detroit had me on the air to promote the new book. Check it out!

New Banjos, Boats & Butt Dialing Video

Here is a new subliminal video we're testing to promote the new book, Banjos, Boats & Butt Dialing. We've layered a subtle marketing message in with an entertaining video. See if you can spot it.


Writers' Workshop Offers Outlet to Teens

Writers' Workshop Offers Outlet to Teens

The Teen Writers' Workshop meets every other Thursday at Brighton District Library under the direction of Mike Ball.

It's no surprise that writing can serve as the perfect outlet for a kid who's craving less parental involvement and a bigger arena to practice independence. Writing allows teens to consider their emotions, work through ideas and develop critical thinking and literacy skills. Because its privacy settings are individualized, writing can be any degree of public or private.

In any case, the power of paper, whether digital or material, gives teens the courage to discover and explore their “voice.”

Every other Thursday, a group of teens meets at Brighton District Library to do just that. They write. They share. They think. They share. Then they write, think and share some more. Their approach really is that simple, their actions really that pure.

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