Who wants to be around a smartie-phone?

I just upgraded my mobile phone.

First off, I'd like to say that I didn't really want to. I was really happy with my old phone; his name was "Phone." I could use Phone to make calls. I could use him to receive calls. He even had a cool digital clock.

It's Father' Day Again

When my son was in about second grade, he made me a bookmark that features a sort of ransom note version of the words "Happy Fathers Day." The paper is bright orange (his favorite color at the time), and his teacher laminated the finished product in clear plastic to protect it from the beer and coffee stains we fathers can be counted on to get all over our things.

A Tale of a Tomless Dock

One of the things that happens here on the lake every time winter goes into remission and we catch a dose of springtime is that we have to cobble together some sort of a dock. Having a dock gives us a way to walk out to the boat all summer without getting our flip-flops wet.


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